NFL 2023 Week 7 Results

NFL Lines Picks Week 7 Results

NFL 2023 Week 7 Results
NFL 2023 Week 7 Results

Against The Spread 6 – 7

The Algorithm stumbled its way to a 6 – 7 week.  It was the second week in a row of Undertopia so hopefully you read last weeks picks and results posts.  The highlights being finding the Bears and Ravens with easy wins, expecially the Ravens over Detroit as about 80% of the vegas money was on the Lions.  Most losses were close as were the actually games.  The worst being the Dolphins losing by 14 and the Bills losing outright as 9 point favorites.

Over/Under Point Totals 3 – 10

It’s the Attack of the Unders!  We saw unders go 13-2 in week 6.  Then go 9 – 4 in week 7.  This was preceeded by many huge drops in the early point totals in both weeks.  If you were paying attention and played the line movement angle, you should have pocketed some change the past two weeks.

Out of the 13 games on the slate this week, 12 of them had the over/under total move down in the early action.  The only game to move up, Rams vs Steelers, moved up 0.5 points.  Meanwhile early action saw:

  • Bears/Raiders over/under -8 points
  • Saints/Jaguars over/under -4.5 points
  • Raven/Lions over/under -3.5 points
  • Colts/Browns over/under -3 points
  • Every other game, save Rams/Steelers, moved down 1 – 2 points on the point total.

Pick of the Week – VIKINGS on Monday Night

The butterfingered Vikings found a way to beat the 49ers without Jefferson hanging on to beat San Fran 22-17.  This pick was actually one made by a few tenths of a power rating point, so it wasn’t like the Algorithm saw the Vikes as a stone cold lock.  But the general publics was betting heavily on the 49ers coming off a loss and looking at a wounded opponent.  A perfect example of how fine the margins are in the NFL.

Punk of the Week – Bills @ Pats

The Algorithm saw the Bills as 9.3 point favorties against the Pats only to see them lose outright 29 – 25.  The Algorithm probably wasn’t alone going down on the Bills ship, But since it saw the Bills as a bigger favortie than Vegas, albeit by less than a point, it makes it a big swing and miss for the Algorithm.