2024 NFL Schedule – Team Travel Distance

2024 NFL Schedule – Distance Traveled By Team

Here is a breakdown of how far each NFL team will travel in 2024 based on their schedule.  Each team is ranked by total distance traveled courtesy of Bookies.com..  In addition, the number of time zones crossed by each team is also calculated.

2024 NFL Team Travel Distance

2024 NFL Schedule - Team Travel Distance
2024 NFL Schedule – Team Travel Distance


NFC Team Travel

The NFC East sees a big disparity between the Eagles at 8th and the Commanders at 32nd.  Philadelphia travel is being increased due to the Brazil game against the Packers.  Washington has one trip out to Arizona(and their yearly trip to Dallas) that requires extensive travel.

The NFC North sees Minnestoa(7th) facing the most travel, followed by Green Bay(10th), Chicago(15th), and the Lions catching a break ranking 24th.

The NFC South sees all the teams save Carolina(12th) facing minimal amounts of travel.  Tampa Bay(23rd), New Orleans(27th) & Atlanta(28th) all have fairly comfortable travel schedules.  All these teams are helped by their relative proximaty to each other geographically.

Arizona(13th) also has a small advanatge geographically vs NFC West opponents being that their are the one inland team.  The rest of the NFC West face their normal extended travel schedules.

AFC Team Travel

Miami(2nd), as usual, has the worst of it in the AFC East.  However, both New England(4th) & New York Jets(9th) have top 10 travel schedules.  Buffalo is the one team that caught a break in 2024, ranking a distant 21st compared to divisional foes.

The AFC North sees the teams with the least amount of travel on average.  Baltimore (22nd) travels the most while Cincinnati travels the least(31st).

The AFC South sees Jacksonville voluntarily taking on the travel with their annual pilgramage to London.  They will stay for a second game again this year, adding a 5 mile bus trip to their tally of “road trips”.  The Colts(30th), who last year traveled the least, will again face minimal travel in 2024.

As expected, the west coast teams face the most travel in general.  In the AFC West, Kansas City(20th) & Denver(14th) have their travel mitigated by their location compared to divisional foes.  The Chargers(1st) face the most travel in the AFC West and the league as a whole.

2024 NFL Team Travel Distance By Road Trip

In the chart below, the trips each team makes arew broken out by distance traveled and time zones crossed.  The chart is broken out by division so you can see travel compared to divisional or conference rivals.  The charts sorts the trips from shortest to longest. The trips are not in schedule order.

2024 NFL - Team Travel Distance by Trips
2024 NFL – Team Travel Distance by Trips


Time Zones Crossed

  • Dallas & Kansas City must cross at least one time zone on every road trip.
  • Pittsburgh only has to cross time zones on two trips; Denver & Las Vegas
  • Philadelphia must only cross time zones on three trips, but the trip to Brazil is deceiving.  The trip is 4700 miles due south and crosses on one time zone.
  • The Chargers have the most cross country trips(cross 3 times zones) with five.  Las Veags and Seattle each have four such trips.
  • The Chargers also cross the most time zones with 36 in total. The Raiders are the only other team above 30 with 34.
  • Houston only crosses 8 time zones all season.  Pittsburgh & Washington tie for 2nd least with ten time zones crossed.

Distance Traveled

  • The Chargers travel the most miles, 26,803.  Miami (25,869), Seattle (25,797), & New England (25,071) also travel far enough to get their Around the Globe Badge( Earth Circumference = 24,901 miles)
  • The Commanders travel the least, a mere 10,550 miles.  The 16,000 more miles the Chargers travel is enough to fly from New York to Berlin(3,978 miles) round trip, twice.
  • The Longest Trip (10,769 miles) – Green Bay has to travel nearly 5400 miles each way making their trip to Brazil the longest of the season for any team.
  • The Longest Domestic Trip(5,439 miles) – Miami travels about 2700 miles each way to Seattle.
  • The Shortest Trip (57 Miles) – Washington has to travel about 28 miles to Baltimore.  The bus ride will be about 1 hour each way.