NFL 2023 – Week 8 Results

NFL 2023 – Week 8 Results

NFL 2023 - Week 8 Results
NFL 2023 – Week 8 Results

Against The Spread 4 -10 -2

The Algorithm hit the skids in Week 8, taking it on the chin at 4 -10 -2.  It lost heartbreakers, back door covers, and just through sheer algorithm incompetence.  The only consistent thing in Week 8 was losing against the spread.

Over/Under Point Totals 6 – 10

It’s the Attack of the Unders!  We saw unders go 13-2 in week 6.  Then go 9 – 4 in week 7.  Then 10 – 6 in week 8.  While the Algoithm has been going in the tank, the line movement and betting angle trends have been paying off in spades.  The unders are 32 – 12 the past 3 week since we tipped off the strange line movement all pointing under in Week 6.

Pick of the Week – DOLPHINS vs Patriots

The Algorithm popped out a line of Dolphins -13 (49).  In the opening line, Vegas almost agreed putting the Fins at -12.5.  Then the public came along and bet it all the way down to -9.5.  Final score Dolphins 31 – Patriots 17, almost dead on the Algorithm’s -13 (49) prediction.

Punk of the Week – 49ers vs BENGALS

When the Algorithm produced a SF -14 spread, I was worried.  Worried to the point of saying something was up in SF.  The something that was up was Purdy in concussion protocal, which he passed in time to play, but maybe he wished he failed.  The 49ers were thoroughly stomped by the Bengals at hom coming off two losses.  Well make it 3 losses in a row and things going from bad o worse in SF.  The bye is needed and much appreciated in the Niners locker room right now.  As for the Bengals, it appears they may have woken up in time to make the AFC North the most exciting division in football to watch over the second half of the season.