NFL 2023 – Week 13 Results

NFL 2023 – Week 13 Results

NFL 2023 - Week 13 Results
NFL 2023 – Week 13 Results

Against The Spread 6 – 6 – 1

A bit of a disappointing week as 3 winners were missed by the 1/2 point hook.  The Titans getting 2.5 lost by 3.  The Saints getting 4.5 lost by 5.  The Patriots getting 6 lost by 6 to push.  That’s how you turn a 9 – 3 week in to a 6 – 6 – 1 week.

Over/Under Point Totals  6 – 7

Well the over/under record dipped below .500 by 1 game ending the string of .500 weeks.  A rare week when the over predictions did well and the Under prediction fell flat.

Pick of the Week –  Bengals (+8) @ Jaguars

I’ll admit, when the Algorithm spit out this pick I was a bit worried.  Backup QB on the road facing a division leader who needs the game to stay on track, and lo and behold, the Bengals come out straight up winners with a FG in overtime.

Punk of the Week – Cardinals @ Steelers (-6)

Well this didn’t go as planned.  The Algortihm had the Steelers as -6.5 favorties at home against a fairly dreadful Arizona squad, and they laid an egg.  In fact it was like an egg that was cracked upon being laid.  It was never close, and it appears the Steelers simply never came out of the locker room.  Then Pickett got hurt and all hope, what little there was in the game and Pickett, was lost.