NFL 2023 – Week 10 Results

NFL 2023 – Week 10 Results

NFL 2023 - Week 10 Results
NFL 2023 – Week 10 Results


Against The Spread 7 – 7

Ho hum.  Several skinny loses to the spread turned what have been a nice week into a completely average one.  Not much to report here.

Over/Under Point Totals 5 – 9

A bit of a layoff from the overwhelming amount of Unders that have been hiotting latelt.  Is it a blip on the Radar, or are team going to start to score more points as the weather turns colder.  You would think this is headed for a big UNDER year, butVegas may adapt and we might seeing more high 30’s and low 40’s O/U totals coming in the next few weeks to entice Over bettors to come back.

Pick of the Week –  Texans (+6.5) @ Bengals

DeMeco Ryans & C.J.Stroud come through again on a tasty moneyline winner.  Vegas has given no love to the Texans this year so far and you have been able to play them for some very generous lines.  At some point Vegas is going to wise up and the gravy train is going to be over.  But we are riding the Texans agains this week seeing a huge overlay against the Cardinals.  Put on the 10 gallon hat and help root the Texans over the line this week.

Punk of the Week – Ravens (-6) vs Browns

Ugh, at home.  Bad pick 6.  Last second field goal.  The Ravens had 14 point leads 3 or 4 times and couldn’t hang on.  It would have been one thing to get hit with a back door cover, but to lose outright seems like the Ravens came out and laid a dud at the perfectly wrong time.  The good news?  It sets up a MASSIVE Thursday clash Bengals @ Ravens.  This could be game of the year as far as playoff implications go.