NFL 2023 – Week 14 Results

NFL 2023 – Week 14 Results

NFL 2023 - Week 14 Results
NFL 2023 – Week 14 Results

Against The Spread 10 – 5

Another good week for the Algorithm, even though it went 0 – 2 on Monday night.  Let’s also give the Algorithm credit for sniffing out the four biggest line errors and going 4 – 0 on them.  Two were between 3.00 – 3.99 points off(Saints & Jets), and the other two were 5.00 – 5.99 points off(Browns & Cowboys).

Over/Under Point Totals  7 – 7 – 1

Back to .500 for the Over/Under predictions.  This Algorithm is still struggling to figure the toals out consistently and seems to be happy to go .500 every week since the Attack of the Unders.

Pick of the Week –  Jaguars (-3) @ Browns

Vegas said the Jags were 3 point favorites.  The Algorithm scoffed at this and said the Browns were the 3 point favorites.  Final Score Browns 31 Jags 27.  You can’t do much better than picking a money line winner on a line that is off by 6 points.  Going to give the Algorithm a little extra wattage for an hour as a bonus for that pick.

Punk of the Week – Titans @ Dolphins(-13.5)

The Algorithm joined Vegas in eating crow on the Dolphins pick.  It’s not that the Algorithm didnt calculate a good line, it did at -13.92, within a few tenths of Vegas.  It’s just that both the Vegas pointmasters and the Algorithm enjoyed a night of SoCo and crack before coming out with this line.  Well at least we all went down together on the SS Shitpick.