NFL 2023 Week 12 Results

NFL 2023 – Week 12 Results

NFL 2023 Week 12 Results
NFL 2023 Week 12 Results

Against The Spread 11 – 5

Another good week for the Algorithm gets it back over .500 at 74 – 71 -3.  Ther Expected Points Matrix is showing a decent ability to forcast the way games are going to be played.  As the power ratings for teams move less and less each week, hopefully the Algorithm will continue its winning ways for the final third of the season.

Over/Under Point Totals  8 – 8

Another boring .500 week.  Nothing to really see here.

Pick of the Week –  Patriots (-3.5) @ Giants

In a week in which both the Texans and Vikings failed the silicon prognostigator, it’s best pick was probably the Giants straight up win vs the Patriots 13 -10.  It wasn’t pretty, but the G-men got over the line with a little help from a masterfully yanked FG as time expired that doomed the Pats.

Punk of the Week – Bears @ Vikings(-3.5)

The Algorithm put this line at Vikings -7.5, so while not an awful miscalculation, it was still the worst of the week.   Managing to lose straight up to a team that didn’t score a touchdown, the only time it has happened this year and first time for the Bears since 1993, is a special kind of punking.  It’s always going to be hard to win when a QB throws 4 interceptions, so just need to put that pick in the rear view mirror and focus on week 13.